Hollaback! Story, Verbal

Kaitlynn’s story: “a 10 minute cab ride dodging inappropriate questions”

I’ve only recently started thinking about all situations where I’ve felt vulnerable and uncomfortable in public spaces and how they can be termed as sexual harassment. The worst by far though when I was in a cab with two of my friends (all of us had been drinking) who are in a relationship and the cab driver was extremely chatty. He was asking my friend and her boyfriend various questions about their relationship and the party we were at. The questions quickly became sexual in nature and it seemed pretty funny until my friends were dropped off and I was left alone in the cab.

I thus had to sit through a 10 minute cab ride dodging inappropriate questions from the cab driver who asked me everything from whether I had a boyfriend to what my favourite sex position was. I contemplated whether this person might drive me to some remote location and rape me and whether I should just jump out of a moving vehicle. Being drunk did not help the situation but people take cabs in order to avoid walking home late night and avoid situations like these on the street.

To this day I would rather walk home alone at 2am than take a cab alone.

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Hollaback! Story, Verbal

A Halloween story: “He looked down at me”

When I was 14 I went trick or treating with a bunch of friends. I was dressed as a belly dancer, wearing a little top over my tank top.
At one house, I was one of the last to go to the door, it was the house of a man who I’d say was probably in his 60s. Me and my friend said trick or treat and he looked down at me and said “well, you’re well endowed.”
I was only 14 and it was the first time anything like that had happened to me. My friends made jokes about it and I laughed a long but honestly I felt kind of ashamed.

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Hollaback! Story

Anonymous story: “It made me feel uneasy”

During exhibition week I was sitting in the shade wearing a crop top when a man much older than me stood very close to me so that he could stare down my top. I know it seems small, but it made me feel uneasy.

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Assault, Groping, Hollaback! Story

Anonymous story: “I told him to stop”

Approximately spring of 2014 on a night in downtown Halifax I was with my friends and we were about to part our ways to go home. They offered for me to sleepover but I declined, I thought I would be fine to take a taxi by myself from there to Clayton Park. When I got to the apartment building, the cab driver asked me if I would perform oral sex on him or touch him if he gave me money, he pushed the money towards me and I just didn’t know what to do. I was very intoxicated and scared. I just sort of sat there in shock trying to get some words out. He started touching me and went under my skirt, I told him to stop. I went to leave and he said no wait and put the money in my hand then tried to assault me further. I screamed “fuck you, fuck off” and other words of sorts then got out and ran into the apartment building. I had his cash and didn’t pay for the ride but I don’t feel guilty about that at all. I did not know the cab company or taxi number so I didn’t think I would have much of a report, and I was also very scared. Looking back maybe I should have tried to report it anyway.

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Groping, Hollaback! Story

Catherine’s story

A middle aged man replaced my bra strap as I was walking downtown with my arms full.

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Hollaback! Story, Stalking, Verbal

Britt’s story: “they followed us for about a block”

My friend and I went out for a night of dancing and we were walking to pizza corner. Two guys catch up with us (one my friend had danced with earlier that night and his cousin)

The cousin started yelling at me and my friend saying we had to go home with them. They followed us for about a block, in our faces, saying my friend led him on and that she had to do more. Disgusting! We told them to go away several times but it was terrifying because I didn’t know if he would get violent or what would happen. There were some people around but it was still very scary.

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Hollaback! Story, Verbal

Anonymous story: “you’d better be scared”

Wanna see one in action? Wait on Brunswick and Cornwallis a bit before 7pm. You’ll eventually see a tiny group of young men walking north on the right side of Brunswick, calling single woman walking ahead of them f-ing b-words, c-words, w-words, yelling “You’d better be scared” and “We’re gonna to get you”. Their public performance runs like clockwork, so I assume all Haligonians are welcome to attend.

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Hollaback! Story, Verbal

Story from Runner’s Rage

Two guys in driving in a light brown jeep decided to slow down and drive next to me for several minutes, yelling some obscene and pointless things about my behind, as well as requesting that I come get in the car, in less polite terms.

I gave them the finger and tried to snap a pic but they sped out of there. If anyone knows these guys give them a nice “fuck you” from me.

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