Adopt-A-Dread for Avalon

Melinda Norris has been growing her hair for ten years.

It’s locked in dreads up to one metre long.

And she’s about to shave it all off.

Melinda’s baring her scalp to raise funds for the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre. Avalon provides services for those affected by sexual violence. Unfortunately, they have a six month waiting list for some of those services. Every $25 that Melinda raises will provide for one hour of intake or group support.

Until the $5000 goal is reached, there is an anonymous benefactor who will be matching donations. Melinda’s hoping to reach her goal by the time of the shave tomorrow, and she’s nearly there.

When: 24 April at 12:30 PM
Where: Public Gardens, at Spring Garden and South Park

Any donor who is interested can provide their contact information and receive a dread ($1 per cm).

We encourage you to lend your support to Melinda and Avalon.

Donation page at Canada Helps
News Release from Avalon

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