Rebecca’s story: “He spun around and started yelling.”

Only once has anyone ever even tried to intervene for me.

I was walking near the commons, and came to a group of guys talking to each other and blocking the sidewalk. I walked around them, and said “Excuse me” as I passed someone who was gesturing with his arms and kept stepping backwards. I assumed he’d had a few drinks or was too engaged in conversation to notice me, and I didn’t want us to collide.

When he heard me speak, he spun around and started yelling abuse at me. He came towards me, with his arms stretched out beside him.

One of his friends grabbed his arm and told him to leave me alone. I said “Thank you” to the friend, and quickly walked away.

I’m still not sure whether they heard my thanks. I hope so. I wish we had more people like the man who stepped forward to help me.