Emily’s story: “This blatant racism still exists.”

Thursday afternoon, close to 4pm I was walking down Fenwick with my fiance. I’m a fast walker, and as usual he was lagging behind a bit, taking his sweet time and checking his phone. While I was waiting for him to catch up, a guy called out his window, “You’re beautiful!” This did not offend me, or even make me uncomfortable, but I never respond to that kind of attention, so I ignored it.

My fiance had caught up to me by this time. The guy at his window lowered his voice but I could still hear him clearly. I guess there was someone else in the apartment he was talking to. He said, “Ew…she’s with a Paki? What a fucking idiot. She’s gross.”

One minute I’m apparently beautiful and the next minute, I’m gross due to my choice in a partner? It saddens and disgusts me that this blatant racism still exists. I chose the high road and didn’t hurl the insults that came to my mind back at them, but I was left with a sick feeling in my stomach for the rest of the day.