Tricia’s story: “They did not allow room for me to pass.”

I was walking home in front of the Public Library on Spring Garden when I saw a group of approx. 7-10 guys walking towards me. They were spread out over the entire sidewalk and did not move to the side to allow room for me to pass. Feeling a little intimidated I stopped and stepped to the side to wait for them to pass me instead. One of them threw his arms out wide, approx. 10 feet, in front of me as if to block my path and “herd” me in. He made some comment asking me, “Why don’t you come home with me?”. I firmly said, “No, thanks. Excuse me,” and walked past him and his friends very quickly making no eye contact as I passed. He waited until I was walking past him before yelling very angrily, “YOU F*CKING B*TCH!!”. I was incredibly intimidated but so angry that, once I walked quickly away from the group, I yelled back “Go to hell you *sshole!”.

Obviously, his intent was to intimidate me by yelling at me as I walked by. Why? Because I said no. What did his friends do? Nothing.