Jordan’s story: “When I wouldn’t respond they got louder and more aggressive.”

I was walking to my partner’s house around 10:30 pm and stopped at the gas station on Robie and Charles. Two guys in their early twenties were outside. They were intoxicated and began to approach me. One immediately held out his arms like he was going to hug me. I said “Don’t touch me.” He stepped back and started going on about how the clerk inside was an “asshole” and wouldn’t give him alcohol. I told him that this was not something I was involved in and went inside. Because of my brief tone with them they started calling out to me that I was stuck up, etc…

I made my transaction and told the clerk that there were two guys outside who were harassing me. He said he knew they were there, that they were “messed up” and that he would keep an eye on them.

When I went back out they were still there. They approached me again behind the gas station on Charles Street. They were asking if I had a cigarette, a light etc… and when I wouldn’t respond and kept walking they got louder and more aggressive. They yelled that I was a “bitch” a “slut” and a “whore” and I probably would talk to them if I could “suck their dick.”

I pulled out my phone and called non-emergency police to report the harassment and have a cop car come to the area. By the time I got on with the dispatcher I was away from where the guys were. A car was sent but didn’t find them.

It was scary and made me feel powerless. Calling the cops made me feel powerless too. There are a hundred different things I wish I could have said or done differently; call my friends to come get me or yell and scream at them in all my feminist-anti-slut-shaming glory. Whatever I did I would have wished I did something different and whatever I did wouldn’t have stopped them. They live in a society where this is accepted and tolerated. Where harassment is “messed up” and “an eye is kept on it.”

This isn’t the only shit that goes down, it’s not even the worst. I’m left feeling really angry. Sharing my story helps.