Emily’s story: “I said ‘Were you the ones that cat called me?'”

I was just finishing up a great run and was walking out the last of it when a car of guys in their early 20’s yelled out their car at me. My first reaction was to give them the finger.

I was looking at the cars while I was walking up to the intersection and a guy rolled down the passenger seat window of a red car and looked at me. I said “get a life” because I thought it was the guy who had yelled. He said “What” and I said “Were you the ones that cat called me.” He said “no”. I apologize as I realized that they were not the ones.

Then I saw the black car of guys who had called. So I pointed at their car and loudly said “Oh these are the ones” Then the light turned green and as I was crossing and their car was moving the back car guys yelled out at me again and I said “Get a life easy!” I am not sure why I said easy it just came out.