Ni1asa’s story: “This is not a new experience for me in Halifax”

I was walking to a friends place and some young males in a grey car yelled “Fat Bitch” out of the window at me as they drove past. This is not a new experience for me in Halifax, every time it is something about my weight. This is the first time that it has happened in the afternoon, this is something I have experienced more at night or in the evening. My response was to flip them off.


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  1. This exact thing happened to me one night when I was crossing at a crosswalk, from the car that had stopped to let me cross. I was walking to a corner store in my neighbourhood, it was after dark, and there was nobody else around. It really scared me especially given that I was walking in front of the car at the time. I pretended like I didn’t notice, because I was afraid to engage with them in any way. I have also had plenty of mooing (like a cow) and barking from passing motorists (men, let’s be clear), pretty much anywhere (walking through a parking lot, waiting for the bus, etc.). There are many times when I am feeling vulnerable or low that I do not want to go out for fear of encountering these people. When it happens I find myself first humiliated, then enraged and fantasizing about some way to hurt these lowlifes or smash their car window. It really upsets me, because I am a non-violent person. It’s because I feel powerless to do anything to make them see how vile and threatening their behaviour really is. They simply don’t care, and there’s nothing I can do to make them care. It sickens me to be of the same species.

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