Halifax Magazine: “Sticks and stones”

In case you missed it, we were included in a Halifax Magazine article about street harassment this month. Hilary Beaumont wrote about what’s happening on the streets of our city:

Now Elliot feels she has to be “on guard” with her “defences up” when walking alone at night in Halifax. Statistics Canada data from 1994 shows almost half of all women surveyed felt unsafe walking alone in their neighbourhoods after dark. And a study published in 2000 by the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency found that, for a national sample of Canadian women, “stranger harassment is more prevalent and more extensive than non-stranger harassment and that stranger harassment more strongly influences fear of victimization.” The researchers found women’s perceptions of safety were related to fear of sexual victimization.

– See more at: http://halifaxmag.com/2013/06/cover/sticks-and-stones

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