Kat’s story: “it’s ok to call the police and ok not to”

Hi! A quick follow-up to the story I just submitted (the one about the weird incident in front of the Metro Centre/the guy in his car): it also sucks to have to call the police for this kind of thing because, like Jordan said a few stories back; it makes you feel powerless; and for a lot of people the police are about as safe as their initial attacker/harasser.

Police are as susceptible to sexism, racism and homophobia as anybody else; and have the full weight of the very, very messed up institutional justice system on their side. I reported the guy who told me to get in his car because I didn’t want him to target any other people, and the sooner someone could apprehend him, the better. I also probably should have let them know about the group of potentially dangerous men on the sidewalk for the same reasons; but that was a lot less clear.

Anyway, it’s ok to call the police and ok not to if you don’t feel safe doing it. What sucks is that safety in our society is afforded to only a certain few. I just wanted to talk about that a bit! Thank you so much, Hollaback, for giving myself and others a place tell our stories and listen to and support each other.