You may have noticed that we’re not big fans of woulda-coulda-shoulda in Holla-land. Gender-based denials of people’s agency and right to self-determination are wrong, and have no place here.

Unfortunately, there’s a bus full of protesters in Halifax this week that feel differently.

We disagree with the tone, tactics, and message of the protesters who are lining the streets of Halifax with graphic anti-abortion signs this week. It is wrong to shame and blame people for making the best choices they can about their body and their health. It is very wrong to endorse violence against medical providers and others who have helped people to enact these choices.

If you are disturbed by this campaign, here are some simple actions you can take that can have a big effect:

  • Join the hashtag ‪#‎signsightingHFX‬ on Twitter to report where the signs are, so parents of small children can take alternate routes (parents of older kids and teens may also appreciate having enough notice to prepare to have conversations with their children about the context)
  • Accurate information about abortion access and alternatives can be very hard to find in the maritimes. You can help by sharing the Your Choice Halifax site:
  • Check out the amazing Pro Love counter-action planned for Thursday August 14th:

If someone has ever tried to shame you for your sexual and reproductive health choices, or if someone has tried to take those choices away from you entirely, we are so sorry that they did this to you. They should not have. You deserved better, and you still do. We’ve got your back.

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