Rebecca’s story: “It’s a good idea to scream a woman walking alone at night?”

I’ve had lots of issues with the purple houses at the corner of Agricola, Cunard and North park. Almost EVERY TIME I walk by, someone says something — and they’re always upset I don’t respond. I usually try to cross the street to avoid them, but that’s my daily commute.

On a Saturday I was walking home from Jazz Fest around 2 a.m. and left my friend at the corner so she could head off her direction.

I made sure to cross the street because a group of the purple house people were sitting outside, drinking and smoking. Most were guys but a few were girls. They had verbally harassed me twice earlier that day so I wasn’t into another interaction.

But they spotted me. Good fun, I guess. I had red on my shoes so they obscenities about how I was a rude bitch and was wearing ‘ruby slippers’ – I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring it, but who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to scream a woman walking alone at night?

In case anyone in that group is reading this, when you do that, I get scared. I feel like you’re going to assault me. And that’s MY neighbourhood — not yours. I know and love many people in that area and it pisses me off that the same drunk assholes can keep ruining my day.