TL’s story: “They had their hands on her arms”

One Halloween, I was downtown with some friends. We had called it a night, most of the group lived in the same area or on the way so they split a cab and I decided to wait by myself for a cab to go straight home, since I was out of the way. I was hanging out in the well lit area by the bouncers when I noticed a girl dressed as a bee with her head between her knees sitting on the curb a ways down surrounded by a group of dudes.

I pointed this out to the bouncers and, like Halifax bouncers often do, they informed me it wasn’t really their business and they couldn’t leave the bar, so I walked over there. Once I was within earshot, I could hear some of the stuff these guys were saying to her, trying to get her to come with them and “party” at their place. They had their hands on her arms trying to coax her and she looked completely out of it. When I got up to her, I noticed her bee wings were bent, her shoes were missing and one of her thigh highs was rolled halfway down to her ankle so I just sat down next to her and asked her how she was doing.

She wasn’t very coherent, I tried to ask her if she knew these guys or where her friends were, she didn’t and she didn’t know. Her wallet was gone and she was completely trashed. The guys of course are telling me to fuck off, mind my own business, don’t worry about it, that they were her friends and just wanted to get her home. I got her to stand up and walk back to the bar with me (which of course incited a lot accusations about what a “Bitch/whore/cunt” I was, and an invitation to come fuck one of them). The guys walked off once we got up to the bouncer, called around on her phone to figure out where she lived so we could load her up in my cab and ship her off to the relieved roomies that had lost this poor, drunk bumblebee on E.