Eleanor’s story: “They turned their car around to follow me”

I am 15 and I was walking to the corner store by my house at 9 one evening and it was still bright out. A pickup truck was stopped in front of the store with 4 or 5 men loitering, they started yelling at me saying things like “you gotta hit that” to one another and then after I refused to pay attention one of them yelled “yea well fuck you too bitch” I waited in the store until I saw them leave and then quickly walked home but once I reached the corner of my street they appeared and turned their car around to follow me, there was no question about it. I pretended to tie my shoe and they stopped the truck. I didn’t want them to see where I lived so I hid behind some bushes until they looped the street slowly and left.

I initially didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want it to scare them like it had scared me but after talking to a friend I did and they contacted the police. They police were very nice, however, they were unable to do anything about the situation. It really angers me that people enjoy doing this for no greater reason than to terrify women.