Erin’s story: “I yelled for him to let go of me”

I was walking home late one night alone, minding my own business when a man who had been sitting on a set of steps outside a house grabbed me by my hips, pulling me toward him and groping me. I yelled for him to let go of me, and while I was struggling he said “you shouldn’t be wearing yoga pants if you’re not looking to get some”, among other disgusting thing while a few guys nearby stood and laughed. Once I was free of his grasp (after use of significant force) I hurried on my way with my head down but the man trailed about 20 metres behind me, insisting that I was a “whore” and a “cunt” and other expletives until I finally lost him.

I considered calling the police but the last time I tried to phone in harassment I wasn’t taken seriously, adding insult to injury.
Having the other men stand by and laugh was one of the things that bothered me most about it. If I hadn’t been able to struggle out of the man’s grasp would they still have stood by?