Madison’s story: “Being catcalled as a trans woman is a unique experience.”

So I got catcalled the other night on my bike ride home. Some dudes yelled out “YEEEEOOOOOWWWW” out of a car window as they were driving by.

Earlier that night (literally on the same stretch of road), some other dudes in a Jeep honked and stuck their head out of the window and bellowed something as they passed me, but I couldn’t make out what those guys were saying.

Being catcalled as a trans woman is a unique experience.

Like, my first response is to feel unsafe because someone is targeting me.

My second response is to feel affirmed that at least they gendered me correctly (I assume).

My third response is to feel degraded because they’re just objectifying me.

My fourth response is to feel even more unsafe ‘cuz I worry about what might happen if they realize I’m trans and they just “yeowza’d” at me. That’s the kind of situation where trans women often end up being assaulted or murdered.

I’m super wary of groups of guys that walk around with “that swagger.” They’re all Schroedinger’s trans-misogynist until proven otherwise. Travelling alone at night just got way sketchier.