Alex’s story: “We were outnumbered and in a vulnerable position.”

I was walking with my best friend towards the bus station close to University Ave, on Victoria Park. It was around 20:45 in the evening. We walked by three tall males in hoodies, and they began approaching us from behind, they were walking from the inner part of the park. They began yelling things at us and laughing, I couldn’t understand all their words and I sincerely didn’t want to either, but they were things like “Hey girls! Come here, girls!” “oh, look at her, she’s walking, keep walking, girls.” As much as I wanted to yell back at those brutes to leave us alone, we were outnumbered and in a vulnerable position, the park was dark and lonely and there was another small group of guys smoking weed not too far away inside the park. We felt really threatened, they started yelling/laughing louder and getting closer. Since we were almost at the bus stop—and, thankfully, there was someone else standing there—I told my friend to just walk faster, to ignore the idiots. They did walk away when we arrived to the station and stood next to this other person waiting for the bus. I think this is not the first time I’ve seen these guys, around two weeks before we (my same friend and I) were walking across the Camp Hill Cemetery (around 17:00 or so), and a very similar group of guys were there, smoking weed and drinking, looking at us in a non-friendly manner.