LM’s story: “He had started following me home.”

I was walking to my apartment one morning around 7:30am after spending the night with my boyfriend. I was just stopping by to grab my stuff for my day’s classes when a man, probably in his late 20s, stopped in front of me and said “Damn that is a nice skirt and your legs look great in it. Wait that’s a dress but your ASS looks amazing in it.” I was wearing a sun dress with a pretty bulky jacket over top so the fact he was looking that closely made me really uncomfortable.I started shuffling off pretty creeped out. As I walked away I realize he had started following me home. I need to mention that this was a GROWN MAN on a children’s little metal scooter and as he followed me he asked if he could ask me a question. I was freaking out at this point texting my boyfriend who was on his way to work and telling him I’m being followed home. He asked me if he needed me to come back and get me but at this point he was probably 20-30 minutes out of the house to work. At this point the guy on the scooter turned to me and asks completely seriously, “Has anyone ever gone down on your before?”. I told him I need to go and almost ran the rest of the way home but thank goodness he stopped following me after that.


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