CO’s story: “he has pictures of me it makes me feel violated”

one night a friend and i got some street food and sat down at the benches outside the old downtown library around 930pm. A man ran up to us from down Spring Garden screaming ‘HOW TALL ARE YOU’. My friend and i looked at each other bewildered as he ran right to me and said ‘i know you are sitting but i can tell that you are tall and i need to know your height’ so just trying to get rid of him i told him and he said he has a thing for tall girls then whipped out his phone and started taking pictures of me. i was really scared and obviously didnt like that so i stood up to leave while at the same time my friend started screaming at him and he just ran off. i was wearing a full coat that night so no one can argue that i was dressed inappropriately and drew attention to myself (not that that argument would be valid anyways) i am not that tall either only at 178cm, above average but not all that impressive. I still see this man occasionally around the same area and i freak out every time and circle back in a different direction. It really bothers me bc he has pictures of me it makes me feel violated. I still dont know what to do if something similar happened again, i dont think there are any laws preventing ppl from photographing you without your permission. I just wonder if any other girls have experienced this, and perhaps from the same man.