RA’s story: “all I could do was yell and beg him to get away from me”

I read an article at some point in the last year in Halifax Magazine about Hollaback and I thought that it was terrible that we had to deal with that crap in our city, but was glad that there was a forum for people to be heard. Now I’m “lucky” and I get to add to the narrative, although in a bit of a different way. I was driving down the Circ in the middle of the afternoon toward Main St, Dartmouth when I saw this guy driving a new black Mustang aggressively behind me, speeding, changing lanes, passing all of us. I continued down Main St and had just passed NSCC Akerley in the passing lane, someone ahead was turning left, I saw a car maybe eight car lengths back, so I changed lanes. A second later, I saw it was the same car from before (he must have gone to a drive thru or something, in order to be behind me again) and he pulled up so close behind me that I thought he was going to push me off the road. I pulled off the next right because I was scared, and he whips in after me and stops, backs up and boxes me in, window down and is screaming at me enraged, calling me repeatedly a fucking stupid bitch, and a worthless fucking cunt, over and over. He had a temp plate so I couldn’t get his information, but all I could do was yell and beg him to get away from me, that he needed to stop this. I said I was calling the police, but I never did because I was scared if I made the move he would get out of his car and hurt me- I’ve never seen someone so enraged. I saw a car stopped ahead of us with a driver looking on, but no one came by, and people drove by and watched this happen. He finally left and I just felt so helpless. He felt cut off in traffic, and somehow in his mind that made it okay to treat another person this way… it wasn’t okay. All I can think is that I allowed it, somehow, and that he’ll never get to hear from someone how wrong it was, because I didn’t follow through with the call to police. There’s road rage and while it’s ridiculous and wrong and scary, this felt all of those things, but mostly it felt really personal and I felt really victimized by it.