Maggie’s story: “Even through my winter coat I felt that grip”

This is an old story, but back then there was no forum to share it in, and when I talked about it, I got laughed at. I hope you’re ok with my sharing it now.

This was back in the middle ’80s. It was winter time, we’d had a big storm and the sidewalks weren’t well cleared yet. There was just a very narrow tramped-down path made by pedestrians.

I was walking down Portland Street to the ferry. I think most people had stayed home because of the storm, because there weren’t many people on the street that morning. A man was walking toward me and it was going to be awkward for us to get past each other on this narrow track. As we got close, I stepped as far as I could off the path to let him by (he wasn’t moving), and when he got beside me, he grabbed my left breast as hard as he could. Even through my winter coat I felt that grip. He just sneered right in my face and laughed at me as he grabbed me, then walked away. I just kept walking. I went to work and didn’t tell a soul. But I could feel that hand on my breast all day.

This happened in broad daylight, on a work day, on a main street in Dartmouth.