Anonymous story: “I told him to stop”

Approximately spring of 2014 on a night in downtown Halifax I was with my friends and we were about to part our ways to go home. They offered for me to sleepover but I declined, I thought I would be fine to take a taxi by myself from there to Clayton Park. When I got to the apartment building, the cab driver asked me if I would perform oral sex on him or touch him if he gave me money, he pushed the money towards me and I just didn’t know what to do. I was very intoxicated and scared. I just sort of sat there in shock trying to get some words out. He started touching me and went under my skirt, I told him to stop. I went to leave and he said no wait and put the money in my hand then tried to assault me further. I screamed “fuck you, fuck off” and other words of sorts then got out and ran into the apartment building. I had his cash and didn’t pay for the ride but I don’t feel guilty about that at all. I did not know the cab company or taxi number so I didn’t think I would have much of a report, and I was also very scared. Looking back maybe I should have tried to report it anyway.