Kaitlynn’s story: “a 10 minute cab ride dodging inappropriate questions”

I’ve only recently started thinking about all situations where I’ve felt vulnerable and uncomfortable in public spaces and how they can be termed as sexual harassment. The worst by far though when I was in a cab with two of my friends (all of us had been drinking) who are in a relationship and the cab driver was extremely chatty. He was asking my friend and her boyfriend various questions about their relationship and the party we were at. The questions quickly became sexual in nature and it seemed pretty funny until my friends were dropped off and I was left alone in the cab.

I thus had to sit through a 10 minute cab ride dodging inappropriate questions from the cab driver who asked me everything from whether I had a boyfriend to what my favourite sex position was. I contemplated whether this person might drive me to some remote location and rape me and whether I should just jump out of a moving vehicle. Being drunk did not help the situation but people take cabs in order to avoid walking home late night and avoid situations like these on the street.

To this day I would rather walk home alone at 2am than take a cab alone.