Jenna’s story: “he rode away… and came back”

One night in September I thought the bus was running later than it was and ended up having to walk home around 12:30am. Around Almon St. a biker drove by me staring, then turned around and came back over by the sidewalk and kept telling me it was such a nice night I should go for a ride with him and he didn’t feel like going home alone, I kept saying no so he rode away… and came back 2 or 3 times telling me to get on his bike and following me along, cutting me off at a driveway so I had to go around him, and he finally gave up.

I was scared he would come back when I got up to the residential area where there’d be nobody out but luckily a cab driver who saw from a parking lot came over and asked if I wanted a drive home, said he saw the man leave the pub before heading my way.

I used to feel somewhat safe walking home at night.