Anonymous story: “I immediately sensed that he was watching me”

I was waiting for the the #1 bus on Barrington st, trying to get to a cafe in the North End. It was 4:30pm or so but it was dark. A loud and belligerent man starting yelling at a group of students down the street. I knew he was trouble, so I walked up Barrington a few more blocks to wait for the bus near the Starbucks – I recognize the importance of being near open public places when creepy men are around, especially as a woman on her own. Then, the creepy man walked past me, so I thought I was safe. I remember struggling to keep my eye on him while not giving away the fact I was watching him – it always makes the harassment worse if your potential assailant thinks you’re looking at him.

I got on the #1 bus. A few stops later, the creepy man got on the bus. I wondered if he was following me. I got off the bus one stop later and headed back downtown towards Barrington st, where it was busier and more public, to reform my plan. I hated that I had to change my plans on account of some creep. From Barrington st, I ended up grabbing the #1 going up Spring Garden. Guess who was on the bus? The creepy guy. He’d taken off his jacket so it was hard to recognize him, but I immediately sensed that he was watching me. He was sitting in the front of the bus with a grin.

I got off the bus on Spring Garden to go into the Shoppers Drug Mart. I made the mistake of passing the creepy guy and having my back to him as I exited the front of the bus. He laughed and said to me, “Are you following me?” and exited the bus after me.

I shot straight into the Shoppers and paced until I made sure he hadn’t followed me inside. After like an hour, I found my nerve, called a cab, and went straight back home.

I was most disturbed by how much planning went into this little stalking stint of his.

I was most disturbed by how much planning went into this little stalking stint of his.

There are many ways I wish I’d handled the situation differently, but I mean, come on. This is like a military-zone/spy-movie case of stalking. Do I really need military training to be safe in my everyday life?