Rosa’s story, continued


I am sad to say this post serves as a follow up from something I shared with Hollaback more then a month ago. A white man, age late 40s, in a silver Pontiac pursuit, harassed me from his vehicle on two separate occasions in two consecutive days while I was walking in the Barrington/ Morris area. I knew this man was a threat to me… his menacing grin, his driving by my side while I walked… all indications pointed that this man was sick and was actively pursing me. I felt sick to my core. I hoped to get a photo or license plate but he found my residence first.

Two weeks after the street harassment incidents, the man showed up to my house and was peering into my bedroom window from the front lawn at 11:30 at night. His vehicle parked across the street. He ducked and ran towards his vehicle after I screamed and my partner glared out to the window to identify him. This man was arrested, but not charged. He has a history of this activity. I moved houses for my safety. It was two weeks after the voyeurism incident and I had settled into my new residence on the other side of town. I was going about my morning routine grabbing a coffee at the local coffee shop and when drove by. Two days later, decided to shake up my routine and walk to another spot for coffee based on a gut feeling he was going to return to my regular coffee shop. I was walking about down Agricola and Cunard when his car approached me. He glared at me as he drove by.

I don’t know when this terrorizing, stalking, voyeurism will end but this man is a threat to me and all women and he is still a free man.