Join Our Team

We’re looking for volunteers in HRM. Whether you’ve got a lot of time or a little, we’ll be thrilled to hear from you. Send an email to us at [email protected] if you’re interested.

We do need a time commitment of about 5-10 hours per month from each member of our core team. Here are a few of the roles we have available:

Event Co-ordinator

  • Develop and promote events to build awareness of street harassment and the Hollaback! movement.
  • Align all elements of these events: venues, participants, equipment, refreshments, etc.
  • Enthusiasm, creativity, and epic time-management skills.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

  • Design job descriptions for a variety of volunteer roles.
  • Recruit, evaluate, orient, and engage volunteers.
  • Maintain records (e.g. volunteer contact information, event participation).
  • Recognize volunteer commitment and achievement.
  • Personable and able to build rapport among people with diverse experience and background.
  • Discerning delegator with superlative organizational skills.

Got skills? We need you! We are entirely volunteer run and need all the help we can get. Event wranglers, DJs, street team, musicians, artists, writers, etc, we need you one and all.

No one has to do everything… but, everyone has to do something. We all can do our part to have each other’s backs.