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HOLLA Canuck: The state of public transit in Ottawa

News from HOLLA Canuck! See, we’re not the only Holla in Canada; there are also Hollaback! sites in Alberta, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, and Winnipeg. (rumours of more Canadian holla-sites to come in a couple months; we’re very excited!) Right now, Hollaback! Ottawa is working tirelessly to bring light to patterns of  harassment on their city’s … Continued

Crime, maps, and public safety

The Halifax Regional Police (HRP) wants to make our city safer. So does Hollaback! Halifax. Hollaback! Halifax aims to ensure safe, equal access to public spaces by ending street harassment. We offer a forum for Haligonians to share their personal stories of sexual harassment in public space. We also offer examples of how people can intervene as responsible … Continued

HOLLAwho? Interview with Hollaback! Alberta’s Lauren Alston

Crossposted from  Interview conducted by Lauren Bedosky 1.) When did you start your HOLLA? I started working on the Alberta chapter of Hollaback in September of 2010, but Hollaback Alberta officially launched April 1st, 2011. 2.) Why did start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? I started a HOLLA because I was frustrated with how … Continued

Hollaback’s 2012 State of the Streets Report!

The 2012 State Of The Streets Report is out! You can read about what all of Hollaback has been doing for the last year:

ConsentFEST 2012

Have you heard of ConsentFEST yet? ConsentFEST is a 1.5 day conference presented by the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre (aka SoHo, formerly the Dalhousie Women’s Centre) and the Saint Mary’s Women’s Centre. ConsentFEST strives to create spaces where everyone can gain a broader understanding of how consent narratives, sex-positivity, and challenging rape culture can come … Continued

Escalation and accountability

Earlier this month, a birdwatcher in New York saw a man masturbating in a public park. She took his picture, and he threatened her. Several days later, she encountered him again in the same park, and he assaulted her. He was arrested the next day. This case is attracting a lot of headlines because it’s … Continued

“Not Your Baby” iPhone app helps users deal with sexual harassment

REPOSTED from BY ANDREA GUNRAJ, COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, METRAC In 2010 and 2011, we were delighted to partner with Hollaback! to release an online survey on responses to sexual harassment. It was one of a few similar surveys we put out to find out how people deal with harassment, where they go for help, and … Continued

Let’s go steady, Halifax!

Won’t you wear our pin? These dashing accessories are currently available (by donation) at Propeller Brewery (2015 Gottingen Street). We’re also planning to get a batch of them to Argyle Fine Art (1559 Barrington Street) by the end of this week. (More locations to come, we hope. If you’re local and would like to host our … Continued

So Kate Leth is pretty much awesome.

Have you heard of Kate Leth? Kate lives here in Halifax. She is frequently awesome on Twitter and Tumblr, and makes some pretty swell comics. You should totally pay attention to Kate. Not too long ago, she made a comic about some things: being a feminist talking to wilfully ignorant people about feminism being stubborn as … Continued

Hollaback! Against Campus Harassment

REPOSTED from By collecting students’ reports of harassment in a safe and shareable way, we will develop a crowd-sourced initiative to end campus harassment on 10 college campuses over the next year. Our efforts will break the silence that has perpetrated sexual violence on college campuses, pronounce that any gender-based violence is unacceptable, and create a … Continued