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About Rehtaeh Parsons’ story

Trigger warning: This article will discuss suicide, harassment, bullying, and rape. This can also be expected of current news articles and most other blogs that mention Rehtaeh Parsons. Rehtaeh Parsons of Cole Harbour isn’t able to share her story with us herself. We learned her name and story along with the rest of Halifax this … Continued

Crime, maps, and public safety

The Halifax Regional Police (HRP) wants to make our city safer. So does Hollaback! Halifax. Hollaback! Halifax aims to ensure safe, equal access to public spaces by ending street harassment. We offer a forum for Haligonians to share their personal stories of sexual harassment in public space. We also offer examples of how people can intervene as responsible … Continued

Lindsay’s story: “I caught him looking at me.”

I called the non-emergency police line this morning to report that I caught someone watching me get changed through my window. The first thing I was asked was “Is there a reason why you waited so long to call?” and then was told that since I waited too long (an hour), that there was nothing … Continued